Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I do what I want.

I'm bored and kind of sick. Today I played with colored pencils and glitter (independent of eachother.) This is having fun before doing "serious" hand studies of friends, (not as fun.)

My tonsils are huge, always. It makes me paranoid to swallow, and when I get sick I feel like they're about to fall out of my mouth. Hopefully I can get them removed before my health insurance runs out... I would also like new veneers and my other two wisdom teeth out. If anyone can think of any other cool procedures I can throw on the tab, let me know.


Isaac Royale said...

you totally have to get those fatty tonsils OUT. I need to in a few years before I am beyond my mother's blue cross wonderland because mine are nasty. PERSONALLY, my favorite things to use insurance cred. on are dermatologists, chiropractors, and psychiatrists. They all brought me infinite pleasure, but if you can get something REAL done, that would be much better, I'm sure.

suzette. said...

and get some extra eye fuckers (glasses/contacts).