Thursday, February 12, 2009

oh no she did not.

during my second wind this morning, I was building a ground for a new painting and managed to cover half of my sunglasses (half of every pair, not half of the total.) in flat white spray paint. this particular canvas is for my methods of abstraction class, where now I have no option but to use this as motivation to make this the most amazing painting ever so i can sell it for the cost of my self-inflicted damages and replace these glasses.

yes, even the faux Chanel half-tints became a casualty. I am going to try not to kill myself today.

actually, my favorite pair of black and golds were within the safety of my bag.

Can I paint them all totally white and use them for something? Maybe J can use them on models. I don't know. "wish I was dead, ya'll."

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