Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spheres of Inluence / Delaunay Triangulation

At some point I got myself interested in Voronoi Diagrams. These are collections of points (on the same plane) that are divided into their own cells. The Voronoi diagram is formed when you connect the central points that are produced through Delaunay Triangulation, a concept that I am just barely able to figure out. (Let's say I'm not so good with Triganometry... Geometry... Basic Arithmetic. Whatever.) Anyway, Voronoi diagrams can be used to measure crystal cell growth, or to analyse molecules. Needless to say, as with most formulas, they are very precised and beautiful. I am attempting to incorporate them into my work.

This is a portion of what I started up a couple of days ago. Initially I was concerned that laying down each cell would become daunting, but I'm finding the whole process to be very zen. I like the idea of a creative endeavour that relies on mathematics to create the solution.

I am an extremely tense person who faces a lot of concrete walls. This project is supposed to help me transcend. Right?

...Even I don't believe that. Not yet, anyway.


Tony said...

Ah, very cool. I'm excited to see what you come up with. Voronwak diagrams.

nowak said...

thanks! yeah, I'll keep you posted. Maybe you can further my understanding of the concept.

regina said...

thank you for making my b-day so fun! i had such a fun time on the dance floor. see you at the next H2D.