Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh, right.

I forgot that this is supposed to be a studio blog. Ok, well there is this really great part in A Bigger Splash where David Hockney is talking with a gallerist about his lagging productivity. The conversation is something to the effect of Hockney explaining that he started the painting, and it didn't go anywhere for six months, so he scrapped it and completed the new one in two weeks. The gallerist takes this as Hockney can finish a painting in two weeks, which Hockney corrects him and explains, "I couldn't have created the second in two weeks if I didn't spend six months on the first. So really it takes me 6 months and two weeks for a painting." -I love this film because, while I am not David Hockney (yet,) I feel like this often.

Anyway, maybe a couple of years ago I took pictures of Jon after he had gotten his face split open in a fight. They were supposed to be turned into a painting, and I made some pretty decent headway on it for a while. Then I started working on little details of the work to avoid the piece as a whole, as I was really excited about the final product, and just terrified of screwing it up. So, this is about as far as I got on the original:

I think everyone has seen this one, anyway- it's not complete, and won't be, while I haven't trashed it completely, it is face down in the canvas graveyard that I keep in the corner of my studio. Since then, I have restarted this painting FOUR TIMES. Only one of those I can even really call a painting, as the rest were just the lay-out drawings. All were too big, or the composition wasn't right, or the canvas wasnt' gessoed (sp?) right. Any excuse I could use to start over, I guess. So I finally built a new canvas to the preferred dimensions (about half the size of the original) and started painting tonight. This is how far I got before I stopped for a while. This is a diferrent image that I think has better compostion that the first. It is starting out very differently that the first image, super ghostly and underpainted. This didn't take me very long and I feel comfortable with my break point.

I'll keep you updated.

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