Thursday, November 19, 2009

in progress

This semester as school is going decidedly well. Here are some images of ideas and materials I have been working with:

Top configuration of a tipi I'm currently working on, with branches gathered from both Taylor and Royal Oak.

Work in progress and experimentation with materials. branches, flourecent lights, gold thread, canvas. I need to cut more branches to fit the shape. This particular model only uses 6. The final will probably use closer to 20.

This is just a sample strip of the drawings I lay out for my Voronoi diagram paintings.

Not a clear image of the drawings, but gives you an idea. I should be applying some color to this tonight.

The base of these paintings, while not particularly difficult, is a bit painstaking... Or, maybe just for me. However, once I am finally done cutting/sanding/drawing/varnishing/scrapping all extraneous material off of the disc- I am very thankful for my Virgo-like precision. I am finally falling into a really nice place with this project, and am excited about moving forward. you should see the disc grave yard in my studio, it's tragic.

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suzette. said...

i can't believe you're making a teepee. is this some sort of take back the night from all us types who pointed out your heritage to you and often?

more importantly, shouldn't you be growing radishes on the moon? i want my moon radishes or i'll rape your land again. i swear i will!