Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"It doesn't matter how much time I give you guys for a project! You're like me! You're going to wait until the night before regardless."

After convincing myself that I HAD to prove this notion wrong, I am suddenly realizing that I've gone from having a week and a half left to work to 3 days. Way to prove a point, self.

Wanting, needing, waiting, for you to justify my love.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beyond Thunderdome.

Even though I'm a total bitch who values most of my peers opinions significantly less than my own,* good critiques still make me feel... Good. Weird, right? (*In all fairness, these feelings are often justified. I really am making an effort to be less of a snot this year, though...) School is a really exciting place for me right now. Even the boring parts, even the parts that make me resent not being able to spend that time making things.

I'm not painting at all this semester (in school, anyway) and it's sort of great. I'm at a place where I have my own procedures, and instead of producing a bunch of practice canvases (also important... kind of?) it'll be nice to have a catalogue of places and faces of my choosing that will actually mean something to me and my portfolio.

So, yeah, a lot of soft sculpture (can I just make shoulder pads and head pieces? Because I'm going too.) Also, a lot of audio/video work. Not totally into the idea of performance pieces, even though M thinks Haute To Death is performance. Yes, if you get down into the work J and I put behind the design of it, technically he's right. M is also concerned with me bridging the gap between my work at H2D. I tend to keep them completely separate, and never really considered why.

I'm thinking about this headpiece/wig thing as body extension. Sort of French Revolution meets Mad Max, sturdy yet delicate. Probably a lot of nylon, caulk, upholstery thread... I have this endless amount of ideas lately, but what I really need is endless amounts of time. I'm trying really hard to use up my material reserves in my studio before I buy anything else. I have so much shit! I am challenging myself to use all of it, save money, be less wasteful. Letting the medium be as challenging as the message/idea.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


While editing various recordings for Time & Digital, I came across a 3 year old audio clip of myself bragging about an alleged "Marc by Marc Jacobs Roach Clip," followed by a brief lecture regarding the issue of "dressing like you have something important to say."

What? What does that mean? I miss my friends.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where's Andre?

You know when you go back to school and the first week is always really special and you are amped for everything? I'm going to see if I can't maintain that energy at least until midterms.

So far I've only been to my studio courses, both of which concentrate on subjects I'm relatively unfamiliar with; soft sculpture, and time and digital media. These will both be great reasons to execute some projects I've been thinking about but unsure of how to handle.

I wasn't sure what to expect with soft sculpture, but I guess it's exactly what the name implies. Soft sculptures, lots of sewing, constructing... I guess we're supposed to get kind of free and just have fun. Oh, and it's all girls, apparently dudes never ever sign up for it. Total Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society 4 Life!

Our first assignment is deconstructing (not destroying, but properly deconstructing) a stuffed animal and turning it into something else. While I'm familiar with salvaged material and basing a lot of my work around the practice of alchemy, I've never done anything like this before. I thought I was going to turn him into external shoulder pads, but I might save that idea for a "body extension" project we have a little later in the semester... Anyway, this is my bear. He's am emerald-y teal velvet with a gold bow. His insides are netted bags containing little beads, along with some sort of poly-fill.

This class is probably just going to turn into Project Runway Fantasy Camp, and I'm really, really okay with that.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thoughts on even skin tone and clean apartments...

"The more perfect the image, I think, the less people can connect with it." - Danny Roberts (Fashion Illustrator)

My work has always been (more or less) compensatory. I create to replicate what I've lost, I create to actualize what I've never had. For a long time I thought that meant I would never be especially conceptual, but could only be literal to satisfy my desires. This is what I want. This is what it is. However, the more I work, the more I find I am just as interested in satisfying the interests of others who feel the same way (being a Virgo, this is not generally surprising.) Unfortunately, the fewer "mistakes" I make, the smaller my relatable audience becomes.

The main focus, is/was perfection. Any errant mistake or move outside of my original intention would alter my meaning and take the work out of my control. I haven't been working with myself, so much as I've been trying to produce a concrete idea, to be finished as soon as possible and be taken out only for shows (or hopefully) sales. This is insane and completely not the point of why anyone should bother to make anything at all.

This is my final year of school (I think) and I really want to start breaking bad habits like this (and others.) What excites me most in the work of others is details, flaws, inconsistency- the qualities of a great narrative. Why haven't I been applying this to my own work? Why have I been looking at deviations as mistakes or weakness? Actions like this are really just the piece/process shaping me back. I want to try harder to stop fighting everything so much.