Tuesday, April 5, 2011

print print

Only 4 more weeks of school! Really exciting, but really stressful. I'm usually stressed about everything anyway though, so not really sure what difference it makes. I should be graduating in December, but the selections on the fall schedule are comparable to a bag of dicks... It's moments like this I regret skipping semesters at a time to "do my own thing." Whatever.

I'm working on this poster for screen/H2D. I've never really screened anything before this year, and a process where I make a whole bunch of something so I can only use a select few is kind of hard for me get behind. Anyway, I'm making something that looks like this:

Different color scheme though, black and gold on kraft brown. Just a limited run to release in addition to the monthly ones Jon puts together. I should be done with all of them by Friday (hopefully.) Maybe I'll put them on Etsy. Oh yeah, Haute to Death has an Etsy now with nothing on it. I made it to sell vintage clothes and records, and some special prints of stuff we do, other little things we want to make. You'll see!